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Book Cleaning

In the last year of volunteering at the National Trust house Anglesey Abbey I have started getting involved in book cleaning. The library at the Abbey is vast and the house so busy they only get cleaned every few years, so on top of collecting dust from all of the visitors who pass through, they can also be at risk from pests making a home on the shelves, light damage from the sun coming in the windows and the temperature of the room, which can affect whether or not a book develops mould (once that happens you drop everything and run).



A Conservation Catalogue (of sorts)

I am a volunteer in museum and heritage conservation and am always looking learn more about how to care for an object and the science behind how it is done, as well as the techniques used for how the objects were made too.

However I’ve found that the most helpful and relevant books on the subject are few in number and on top of that too much money. So I’ve decided to make an online catalogue (of sorts) of what I pick up as I go along – both for my sake, and maybe for anyone out there who’s also interested but can’t get access to more ‘professional’ information.

This is my first try at something like this, so I’ll try to make it as coherent as I can!